July 14, 2024

Month: February 2016


Joycelyn Elders Approves of Sander’s Marijuana Legalization Plan

Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders is most known for taking stances such as support for comprehensive sex education that included education on masturbation that were not just controversial with the general public, but during the Clinton administration as well. She also received disapproval during her tenure for saying that marijuana legalization should be studied. A pediatrician, […]

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The Hateful Voter

Although support for same-sex marriage has risen from 39 percent in 2001 to 55 percent in 2015, GOP candidates are still running their homophobic credentials to court evangelical voters. Republicans face an aging base at the polls that lags behind the country in same-sex marriage acceptance at 32 percent. Religious belief also plays a role […]

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We voted for Bernie

Lilandra and I will be going abroad soon, touring 15 countries in six weeks, starting next week. So we took advantage of the option for early voting while we’re still here. In Texas, we have to register to vote, and we have to show ID. Sometimes women have even had to have legal proof of […]

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Darwin Day in Wisconsin

Appleton Wisconsin in February has four to five foot-tall piles of snow all over absolutely everything. I live in Texas, where it is hard to remember what color snow is. I was invited to speak here by Alexa Blumenstock, a self-motivated activist whom I have encountered in Washington, Columbus, Omaha, Memphis, Manhattan, and I don’t […]

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Making it through the GOP Debates

I really appreciate the people, who are going the distance on watching the GOP debates especially. It takes real determination to wade through all that. There is another one for the good people of New Hampshire tonight.   It’s important for me and everyone, who feels the same to get as many people to watch […]

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Politics, Social justice

Not feeling ya…Bern

I assure you I am talking about areas as a supporter and voter where I don’t “Feel the Bern” in ways that are intellectual. New Hampshire and Super Tuesday primaries are fast approaching. Perhaps what the Iowa Caucus statistical tie is showing us is how much difficulty Democrats are having choosing between Hillary Clinton and […]

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