April 17, 2024

Darwin Day in Wisconsin

Appleton Wisconsin in February has four to five foot-tall piles of snow all over absolutely everything. I live in Texas, where it is hard to remember what color snow is. I was invited to speak here by Alexa Blumenstock, a self-motivated activist whom I have encountered in Washington, Columbus, Omaha, Memphis, Manhattan, and I don’t remember where else. It was a last minute invitation during a busy period for me, but I think it all worked out OK.


If I didn’t know these people already, I would have turned it down: too busy for this right now. It was a small audience, being a small college in a small town. But there were several there who had driven from neighboring cities up to four hours away. So I was very impressed with that. They all seemed like a group, and I’m glad I took the invite. I’m always honored to be asked to speak for Darwin Day.

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