July 14, 2024

Making it through the GOP Debates

I really appreciate the people, who are going the distance on watching the GOP debates especially. It takes real determination to wade through all that. There is another one for the good people of New Hampshire tonight.
It’s important for me and everyone, who feels the same to get as many people to watch them as possible. I live in Texas, and we haven’t seceded yet, but we are the canaries in the coal mine for just how bad the GOP has gotten. Even here there are people, who don’t get how bad things are because at the moment they feel well fed, and that their lives are for the most part set by their own actions.
Believe it or not, I still see otherwise thoughtful people, who don’t feel motivated to participate enough to even vote. They need the debates the most. And too how about the ones, who don’t get the big picture, and think they are too cool for school? Wasting everyone’s time trying to get everyone to stop voting. Thank you Russell Brand. 
They think the GOP is just blowing smoke, and it won’t change the country much either way.The most most glaring argument against that is the GOP is promising another ground war. The lives thrown away and the money that we need for our infrastructure here that we threw away at the Iraq war are astounding.
Don’t believe me; verify this for yourselves. Watch the debates with a mind that if this were American Idol and the GOP top ten was the top ten; it would be the most unqualified singing contest ever. Now think that this is a contest for power of the U.S., and none of the GOP is qualified to have command of the nuclear button. Not to mention all of them promise to promote Christianity over the rest of us.
A few have dropped out, but its come to this? This is the best of us?
[Image by Donkey Hotey via Flickr, CC 2.0]

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