July 14, 2024


This is what happens when believe the polls and ignore the turnout.

Do NOT tell me that your vote doesn’t count. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be getting automated phone calls from the Republican party every single fucking day to tell us what godless baby-eating commies their opposition is, and “somebody please fear for our children”.Why do you think they do all that gerrymandering? Why did they create this issue with the voting rights act? Why are they trying make voting more difficult? They’re acting like that because they’re worried, because your vote DOES count!

They tell us this or that hopeful is behind in the polls. They tell us that to discourage the turnout vote, because the turnout voters could change everything!  It’s happened plenty of times before.  Here in Texas, they said Ann Richards was behind in the polls, but  the turn-out upset the predictions and elected her anyway. They made a difference. So could you, and if you’ve looked around a bit, you’ll see it would be a big difference.  So turn out! This election is close here and elsewhere.  So in this election especially, your vote fucking counts!




6 thoughts on “Turnout!

  1. On it. My girlfriend, her little sister, and I all voted over a week ago.

    It just made the campaign ads even more obnoxious, since they couldn’t have any effect on me … not that they ever have any effect on me, anyway, since I’m a high-information voter. You have to be completely ignorant of the real issues to be swayed by emotional-appeal ads like that.

      1. Odd thing. External Polls aren’t actually how we determine who wins elections. We have to actually count the actual votes.

        And why should anyone CARE where someone is in the surveys, when deciding whether to vote for them. It is not as if you get a prize for ‘picking the winner’.

  2. The 2008 Senate Race here in Minnesota (Al Franken vs. Norm Coleman) was incredibly close, close enough to trigger an automatic recount. Franken started 215 votes down, and ended up winning by 312 votes.

    And Coleman brought out lawsuit after lawsuit which drug out the process so that Franken wasn’t seated until a good eight months after the election. 😛

    So yeah, the election of a US senator was decided by a margin less than the number of Twitter followers I have.

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