July 14, 2024

My schedule for this year so far

Aron, those are propellers. Is that safe?

For the last few years, I’ve been speaking at a different conference, convention or rally almost every month all over the country, sometimes twice a month. This year was a bit different. I gave a Darwin Day lecture at Lawrence University. Otherwise I’m only scheduled for one American convention this whole year, in October.  But as you can see, I’ve still been crazy busy: having completed three foreign tours already. I went to India and the U.A.E., then we toured 15 European countries in 6 weeks, followed by a handful of cities in Canada. I’ve been on 40 flights so far, and this was my second tour of Europe in just ten months. So this post is just to log a record of what I think is a pretty remarkable year.

I do have other dates coming up though. When my book comes out in September, I’m supposed to do a promo tour, mostly of California at this point. Once scheduled, I’ll post all those event links and such to my speaking page.

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