July 14, 2024

The Religious Wrong

So Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with terminal, irreversible, and inoperable brain cancer. She suffered increasingly frequent and longer seizures, and increasingly severe head and neck pain, and even stroke-like symptoms. So she made the wholly understandable decision to bypass the otherwise inevitable agony to herself and to her helpless loved ones. She chose to end their suffering under more positive circumstances. Would that everyone could die this way.

Yet, the Religious Rong says “We are saddened by the fact that this young woman gave up hope, and now our concern is for other people with terminal illnesses who may contemplate following her example,”

Fuck you.

What is it about religion? Always wrong all the time, absolutely wrong about absolutely everything, as wrong as it can be, every way that it can be, on every subject, not just science, history, and medicine, but philosophy, epistemology, morality, ethics, every fucking thing. The only time I’ve ever seen the words ‘wronger’ or ‘wrongest’ used by an educated person, they were talking about religion, and those words uniquely applied.

4 thoughts on “The Religious Wrong

  1. That is what my sister died of. It was quick – barely two and a half months between diagnosis and death – but she did suffer.

    My father died of melanoma.

    I hate the rat-bastard that is Cancer. Hate it with a passion. And when the pain of that disease becomes too great to bear and the outcome is 100% predictable, it makes sense to offer the patient a painless alternative.Fuck the sanctimonious “right to life” bollocks.

  2. Being WRONG about everything in every way is the very definition of religion.

    And ‘it makes me feel good and deal with the stresses of reality.’

    And again wrong because by that reasoning I should be DRUNK ALL THE TIME.

    I hope she has it all go off well for her and she has my best wishes for success.

    My mother suffered in agony for almost a year before dying of cancer. And I always wished for her heaven to be true as she earned a place there. I will not! I don’t plan on doing any of that. IF I should get something similar, I plan on buying all the drugs I never used and trying them ALL. And if I survive that, I will then over dose on the one I liked best.

    I will not suffer because a group of brain dead maroons made the drugs illegal and say I must suffer for their psychopathic imaginary sky fairy!!!!

    GO FOR IT GIRL, and good luck on your journey!!!

  3. Humans are a curious species. We are the part of life that seeks answers of itself.

    To deny our curiosity and rely on faith over logic is to deny answers to our questions, to deny acceptance of our ignorance that causes us to ask questions, to deny life itself.

    Religions promote stagnation; they hinder the growth of life by refusing to answer, or let their followers answer, questions that might prove the religion false.

    Religions are anti growth. They deny the most basic scientific theories in favour of unquestioning belief. They deny evolution, as if we were done evolving. We’re not done evolving.

    Religions deny life as much as they deny the finality of death. They sell heaven as a way to cheat death.

    What utter rubbish!

    Death makes life precious.

  4. I participated in this discussion on bbc.co.uk’s World Have Your Say facebook pages.

    The common denominations, was that people kept arguing about how there was still hope, that had the only right to claim a life and that she would burn in hellfire for doing this.

    That, and people claiming she was forced to commit suicide, despite all the evidence to the contrary..

    In other words, most of the religious people in that debate, had the horrible notion that she should have to endure all that guaranteed agony and pain, not only on her own self, but of her family and friends, standing helplessly as witnesses to this torture.

    Quite a horrible and despicable set of ethics and morals to wish such a thing upon another human being, all while hiding behind their deity. As if that made their desire for torture on other humans any less their own.

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