July 17, 2024

Telephoned Campaign Propaganda

I just got a recorded phone call saying that Wendy Davis, (Texas’ Democratic candidate for governor) promotes abortion, “at any time, for any reason”, and that she opposes “common-sense” legislation limiting abortions after 20 weeks, “when the fetus would feel excruciating pain”.

Obviously this came from the campaign to elect Greg Abbott. I hate when politicians lie like this.  Of course the real issue is that, (1) women shouldn’t need to appeal to a court for permission to get an abortion, and she shouldn’t have to defend her reasons why.  (2) It’s a shame that every time I hear anyone talking about ‘common sense’ they have no idea what that is. What they’re calling ‘common sense’ legislation is actually a series of restrictions wherein not even cases of rape or incest or life-threatening conditions can be considered. That and (3) a fetus doesn’t experience pain or terror at 20 weeks. Not that it matters, because Abbott wants abortion illegal in all instances at any time for any reason, no matter what.

This is Abbott’s campaign tactic. If he wins, I will have so much more work to do!  Because he also wants to integrate church and state, and teach creationism as fact, excluding evolution. He has already proved to be a huge obsticale to the health care, the environment, and education.  According to the current demographic trends, if he does win, he will almost certainly be the LAST Republican governor of Texas.

8 thoughts on “Telephoned Campaign Propaganda

  1. Aren’t there rules about lying? Who authorized this? Unless they pretend that they haven’t claimed what they claimed, it seems that there should be some recourse against this type of lying in a political campaign.

    1. in truly free democracies like Canada they follow a “fairness doctrine” , we use to also but it was repealed in 1987.


      this is why people like fox “news” rushbo beck and colter could not broadcast their shows from Canada.

      its time to reinstate the fairness doctrine !!

      I saw on the daily show just how badly the city of Austin is carved up and gerrymandered…. leaving the only collective progressive voice in texas mute…. this also needs to end… so please VOTE !!!

  2. In politics statements like these (and campaign promises, for that matter) are usually referred to as “polite fictions.”

  3. If he believes he’s going to be the last Republican Governor of Texas, he’s going to try and do as much damage as he possibly can before he goes. Dig in, it’s gonna be a hell of a fight.

  4. I actually got a recorded call from Focus on the Family asking me to vote against the local Republican candidate for the House of Representatives (Carl DeMaio), because he supports marriage rights. I hadn’t planned on voting for him, but with that kind of endorsement, maybe I should think about it.

  5. It’s really silly how politicians debate in modern times, and this does happen on both sides. I have a friend that lives in Round Rock, Texas so I’ll ask him about this.

    Most of the time, even hear in NY, all I hear is how bad the opposition is, but I never hear what exactly is going to be done from the person ripping on the opposition. It reminds me of a NY Met fan worrying more about how the NY Yankees losing than their team actually winning.

  6. Vote in fear of the opposition… Its the same way that religion works. Make you scared enough. You will see things our way. Truly sad to see a great nation that has brought the world so many cool things. Cowering in a corner afraid of our shadows, leaders and gods. Yes, it has brought some bad things mostly because of dumb leaders. It could be worse though… There are dumber leaders in the world than we have here in the US.

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