April 17, 2024

Secular Voter Election Viewing Party

This will end one way or another tomorrow. Patheos Atheists are doing live coverage of the election. Secular Voices will be hosting live tweets.

Added so far are Andrew Hall (Laughing in Disbelief), Galen Broaddus (Across Rivers Wide), Stephanie Savage (Miracle Girl), Matthew Facciani (According to Matthew), Aron Ra and Lilandra Ra (Reason Advocates),  Luciano Gonzalez (Sin/God), Adam Lee (Daylight Atheism) and of course me (SecularVoices)


Also, RA will be hosting a live Election viewing party on his youtube channel. The West Coast’s Dan Arel, the scourge of Ken Ham, of the Danthropology  podcast and blog and the author of the Secular Activist will be co-hosting. Fellow Texan Fil Session, ebullient secular activist, co-host of the Atheist Experience and Board of Directors Member for Atheist Community of Austin and Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless Coordinator will also be co-hosting. We may also get Phillip Rose, Youtube’s  The True Pooka and Liberal Ogre, to join us from NYC. Also from the west coast, Steve Hill, who ran for California State Senate as a Satanic Atheist.  And finally, we may have some Patheos Atheist Pundits drop in and out.

Join us 6:00 PM CST until they call this thing for a secular perspective to commiserate or celebrate about the next President of the United States of America. This post will be updated tomorrow with a link to view it.

*Update here is the link to view this.

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