April 17, 2024

Tell us again why we can’t have good gun legislation

Perhaps there are good reasons that most  Americans should own guns, but I want stay on point here. And yes, I was raised in Texas so I am keenly aware that it would be next to impossible to disarm just this state alone. However, why is it even possible for a Right Wing terrorist group like the Oathkeepers to keep their guns? Especially after already having used guns in the Bundy Ranch standoff against their own lawful government officials?

Not only that, they will continue to keep their guns after travelling to Kentucky with the intent to intimidate law enforcement officials with their guns. They decide whether Kim Davis should be arrested for showing contempt for the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. How is this not a terroristic threat?

“As far as we’re concerned, this is not over,” he said, “and this judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to. If the sheriff, who should be interceding, is not going to do his job and the governor is not going to do the governor’s job of interceding, then we’ll do it.” – See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wwjtd/2015/09/heavily-armed-christian-militia-travels-to-rowan-county-to-prevent-arrest-of-kim-davis-if-she-violates-terms-of-release/#sthash.VbaQl1Of.dpuf

As JT reports, law enforcement plans at this point is to talk them into standing down:

These people are nothing more than an average sovereign citizen. If this situation were to occur in our county we would issue a statement to the group stating the conditions of bond were broken for whatever reason and ask for cooperation. If they refuse cooperation then each one of them would as well be in violation of harboring a fugitive. At that point all you can do is try and make this as peaceful of a situation as possible, continue trying to negotiate with them without getting any blood spilled and, if need be, sending a Special Response Team to deal with the situation. – See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wwjtd/2015/09/heavily-armed-christian-militia-travels-to-rowan-county-to-prevent-arrest-of-kim-davis-if-she-violates-terms-of-release/#sthash.VbaQl1Of.dpuf

So our “average sovereign citizen” threatens and intimidates law enforcement officials with guns? If ISIS made these same threats, because they share a similar view of homosexuality, would we be so careful with them? Only unlike ISIS they won’t own up to it. This is madness.

Just your “average sovereign citizens” not “thugs” that would be different.

Why is it so impossible for us to have good federal gun laws? Acting on a terroristic threat, brandishing guns at lawful government officials, etc. all of those things should be grounds for losing your guns.They shouldn’t still have guns now. We already know that right wing groups are responsible for more American deaths than Islamist terrorists since 9/11. They are not above the law. Enough is Enough. But we already know, we can’t have sensible gun regulations in this country, and no laws will come from this.

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