April 14, 2024

So Bernie and Hillary both won that debate?


So the Huffington Post says that Bernie Sanders swept the polls as the clear winner of last night’s debate. Click the link and see all their charts. They have several from Time magazine, the Washington Times, Slate, Syracuse.com, and even Fox, all showing that Bernie won by a landslide. CNBC said the same.

So it’s strange that the Wall Street Journal said that only 44% of Democrats thought that Bernie won. Each of these others favor Bernie by more than 80%. Those were all admittedly just online viewer response polls. I have to clarify for anyone who thinks I somehow don’t know that. But that doesn’t explain the disparity does it. Nor does it explain what I think a lot of us already expected to see elsewhere. CBS in Philadelphia said Bernie won too, by almost 90 points. But CBS News said that Hillary won by a margin of 23 points. These are all just reporting public opinion responses.

So why are they predictably inconsistent? Not surprisingly, all the other news sources I see today either say that Hillary won, or that there was no clear winner. PoliticusUSA even said that Hillary and Sanders were both winners and that only O’Malley lost. In that case, are we to nominate both of them? Will there be two democratic tickets this election? If so, let’s just give O’Malley a copy of the home game. Or explain why he was up there, but Larry Lessig wasn’t on stage. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind dividing the election four ways between Hillary and Bernie against each other as well as against Trump and Carson too.

Let’s just put everyone’s name on the ballot. Or better yet, leave it blank and let people write in who they want. Why not? It’s not like this election has gotten too crazy already, right? 


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