July 18, 2024

Texas: Epic Fail on Climate Change Preparedness.

How in blazes can a state that weathers every single hurricane season get a D+ in flood preparedness? The rest of the climate change preparedness report card is equally abysmal:

Texas received an overall “F” in planning to prepare for extreme weather in the report, “States at Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card.” The Lone Star State received the “F” grade for being unprepared to deal with extreme heat, “D-” for its drought preparations, “D” for wildfires and “D+” for coastal flooding.

Also, how can a state  that already averages the most extreme heat days be totally unprepared for drought and wildfires?

Texas averages the greatest number of days of extreme heat classified as dangerous or extremely dangerous, more than 60.  The number is expected to grow to 115 days annually by 2050, second only to Florida.

Either prayer warriors like Rick Perry, who called a prayer rally when the state was on fire are not praying hard enough…

“Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”
“Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” *

…or maybe -just maybe, the government could get to work in this state. However, our state legislators are hard at work filing over 200 bills to reduce access to reproductive choices, and making sure the state is also unprepared to deal with unplanned pregnancies.

*Meme from this discussion on the efficacy of prayer in stopping wildfires.

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