May 19, 2024

Report: Ammon Bundy and others in custody (Updated)

Raw Story is reporting that according to confirmed reports that Ammon Bundy , the leader of a hostile takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, and others are in custody. (Update: Dan Arel beat me to the punch) Additionally 2 people may have been shot. According to Oregon Live, these reports are based on the Youtube live stream of a citizen journalist, who also is reporting the FBI told the rest of the self-styled Bundy Militia  involved in the stand off they are free to go.

Two people have been shot and Ammon Bundy is in custody, according to a YouTube live stream report by Pete Santilli, who was speaking outside a hospital in Burns.

Video from 5 days ago of him wasting the FBI's time negotiating.
Still from a video taken of him by Bundy supporter Santilli negotiating with the FBI and basically wasting their time. Update: Santilli was also arrested

It seemed that as far as authorities taking Bundy seriously that he couldn’t even get arrested. The Oregon Governor had finally had enough after weeks of FBI inaction, and asked the Federal government for swift action. As the standoff wore on, it was costing Oregon 100,000 dollars a week.

Bundy Arrested
Bundy with Shawna Cox behind him, who was also arrested. Video

During the standoff, hashtags like #YallQaeda and #VanillaISIS ridiculing “Bundy’s Militia” contributing to national scorn. However, Bundy appears to take himself seriously, and was looking to provoke a shoot out with law enforcement, who were just doing their jobs protecting property that belonged to the public.

I'm sure the Native Americans whose sacred site was demolished by Bundy would express this sentiment with authenticity.
I’m sure the Native Americans whose sacred site was demolished by Bundy would express this sentiment with authenticity.

Since the reports of arrests are true, we will see if there will be a serious attempt to hold Bundy and company accountable for accruing a laundry list of federal crimes, including sedition.  It would seem there is a straight forward case, but his father Cliven Bundy hasn’t faced justice for an armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management. *Update the arrest number is increasing from Oregon Live:

Several hours later, Jon Ritzheimer, 32, a key militant leader, surrendered to police on the conspiracy charge. He gained national fame for complaining on a video about the delivery of sex toys to the refuge in response to the occupiers’ plea for supplies.

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