July 14, 2024

House Democrat Sit In Comes to an End Now What?

Perhaps House Democrats have decided they have made their point about the importance of passing a gun legislation bill and have ended their takeover of the House floor and adjourned.

“It is late,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said at 3:36 a.m., just after leaving the floor. “The House is adjourned.”

He added, “We will be back … The Republicans have left in the dead of night with business unfinished.”

Retweeted by C Span a picture from outside the House of representatives today.
Retweeted by C SPAN a picture from outside the House of Representatives today.

So where will the gun bills that had been stalled by the GOP majority ruled House until after July 4th go from here? Good question!

Politico is reporting that the GOP and the Senate will meet at noon today to discuss a vote on this compromise bill.

GOP leadership has teed up a noon meeting to discuss the gun legislation written by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), according to numerous sources — a measure that is backed by about a half-dozen fellow Republicans, as well as key Senate Democrats.

A key compromise that would allow for due process on proposed legislation to bar people on the No Fly List and the  Terror Watchlist from getting from owning guns may be reached in the Senate today. An objection that was voiced by civil liberties groups like the ACLU. So the House Democrats sit in has strengthened the work on a gun legislation bill in the Senate.

So perhaps, the 90 percent of Americans, who are tired of inaction on gun violence will at least get a bill. That should be just the start, and Congress should not stop until they have done everything they can to keep guns of all kinds out of the hands of people who would use them to slaughter innocent people.

You can watch the debate on the bipartisan amendment right now.

* Update at this time the Senate Compromise bill is not gathering enough votes to advance, although they have a simple majority of 52 votes. According to Reuters, Sen. John Cornyn of (R TX Ugh! Embarrassing us Texans again) is saying he doesn’t expect any more votes on guns in the near future. However, House Democrats will try to put gun legislation back on the agenda when the House reconvenes after the July 4th holiday.


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