July 14, 2024

Aron Ra vs Bob Dutko – ADDENDUM

While I was on the Bob Dutko show, he made several claims purportedly supported by peer-reviewed science.  It’s a great tactic in any format where such claims cannot be evaluated on-the-fly.  This allows superstitious showmen to misrepresent some comment in the abstract of a peer-reviewed paper such that will make creationists feel as though they have the support of some faction of actual science.  We see this type of assertion quite often -especially in live media, but it only sounds good until you look into it and invariably find a mirage instead.  Knowing this, I directed Dutko’s listeners here -to my blog- where I promised to post links exploring each of his assertions on the air.  To that end, I have also posted a thread on the League of Reason forums, which (I think) still works even in protracted, data-intensive, or highly illustrative analyses.


15 thoughts on “Aron Ra vs Bob Dutko – ADDENDUM

  1. I’m not registered at LOR, but you asked about an “unfossilized hadrosaur bones” claim there. I’ll bet this is what he was referring to:


    As usual, the creobot got it WRONG. He probably just read the first paragraph. After all, reading a whole magazine article is hard work! In fact the dino parts ARE fossilized, what’s interesting about this one is that not just bones, but some skin and muscle tissue was fossilized as well.

  2. After you we’re off the air I listened for a bit, Bob was so convinced he won the argument with you. He kept saying that you were backed into a corner and had no way out. Dutko is crazy. He also said that he can’t believe how people who are so smart do not believe in “god”. What I find really sad is the fact that there is no way his “god” is real, the bible is so full of mistakes and is totally man made.

    1. DUDCrow is an asshole, but I don’t necessarily HAVE to resort to namecalling, it’s just that he’s just what I say he is. AronRa, I listened to almost all of the ‘debate’ and really, scientists as yourself should not be lowering yourself while just your talking to them raises these sham-scam artists up to an undeserved level of credibility that is unwarranted and gives them, undue respect and attention they should not be receiving from any ‘sane’ person. Several times BOOB DUDCROW said that science has evidence that god is the best explanation…sadly he wasn’t clear on the point exactly, but I think he was trying to say he has the evidence from science for god being the best answer for how and why life is here as it is. He said it several times, that science has evidence for god’s existence, and every time he was unable to say what it was. AronRa, I’m sure everyone with a slight modicum of intelligence could see what the dishonest, disengenuous, and lying bastard kept doing regarding your position, which he didn’t seem to want to allow you to even posit the view of. It sux really, as potholer54 has pointed out about the creaturds assertions that as they spend only the time it takes to mouth the words of their false statement, and that few minutes at the most, telling, or asserting the lie, many hours must then be spent debunking their nonsensical fantasies as their goal is not to tell the truth about creationism, but to tell lies about Evolution.

      It’s truly revolting to have Scientists who have spent many decades dedicated to their researching, and studying Evolution and attempting to understand it more thoroughly, then to have some WHOLLYBABBLE banging BUYBULL degreed doodlehead know-nothing turd to take but a few minutes refuting(or so they think)Evolution. Stephen Jay Gould wrote a landmark book, published and released in 2002, entitled “The Structure of Evolutionary Theory,” for which I spent just less than a full year studying(I had a life also doing other things), trying to understand the over 1400 pages of Gould’s view of the fundamental subject called Evolution, that modern Biology and its offshoots, is based on, and there were parts that were indeed challenging to me, and while I’m really not a complete dummy some areas required a deeper level of cerebration.

      AronRa, Dudcrow can’t come near your level of understanding of science as long as he keeps holding as credible to the imaginings of the several millenia old sheep shaggers whose revelations were recycled from pagans who in their day were also mentally deficient but way ahead of the Abrahamic dreckheads and their crazy religion.

      I want to say, AronRa, why waste your time with these bobbleheaded dolts, as it gives them undeserved attention, but there may be some listening who need to hear the truth of it all, as it just may set them free as they say.

        1. He’s posted a couple semi-recent comments on my old blog, probably in violation. Same style as the ones he posted before the law got him. The more recent one was claiming he wasn’t Dennis Markuze, but a fan. Yeah, right.

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  6. I just listened to this on YouTube, and one thing that jumped out at me was that Bob wanted to first decide if there is a god and then define what a god is.

    Isn’t that a little backwards?

    Without defining “god” first the question seems just as meaningful asking “does qwevqvr exist?”

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