May 19, 2024

Last Chance to Hear Out the Democrats

The Democratic Primaries are fast approaching, and time to evaluate who you want to vote for is running out. If you are a Republican vote for Trump, and make Progressives gleeful at your party’s demise. Seriously, the Democratic debates started off plodding, but the last debate in South Carolina was lively and spirited. Maybe your last opportunity to see what the candidates have to say for themselves is on CNN tonight at 9 PM Eastern. It won’t be a debate, and some people may actually like to see a Town Hall better. Frankly even though the Democrats have been more civil, there is still a lot of interrupting going on. Live Stream instructions are here.

I feel so guilty when they get to O' Malley in the promo. He seems like a nice guy, but why pretend?
I feel so guilty when they get to O’ Malley in the promo. He seems like a nice guy, but why pretend?

The first primary voters are voting in just 6 days from now in Iowa, so we should all be looking for who makes the best pitch tonight. Aron and I vote in Texas, which votes on Super Tuesday with other states on March 1st. However we will be in bonny Scotland on that day. Our state allows a mail in vote under those circumstances, but only if you miss the Early Voting period.

I highly recommend the early voting to avoid the rush. Even Texas has a Saturday and a Sunday ( 1 PM to 4 PM) and a week of early voting from 7 AM  to  7 PM. Their link to voting info is as of now down. (I wonder why) One of the cool things  about voting in the primaries in a red or purple state is that you get to help choose the candidate!

But just so you know, Texas is becoming purple enough to be a factor for Democrats. At least make a Republican candidate spend more money here, right? There were more blue votes for President Obama than our current Governor Greg Abbott. So bad GOP turnout for Trump and/or Cruz,and good blue turnout could be a historic tipping point for Texas. So demoralized Texas voters come out, and vote courageously.

If you still need to register those deadlines are fast approaching. It is Feb 1st for Texas. The Texas establishment doesn’t want you to vote blue, so make sure your name and address are an exact match. You can find forms to print out to register here and drop in the mail for whatever state you are from here.  Also, you lucky people, whose state lets you register online can find that here.

Aron and I will live tweet the Town Hall. I also did a post on Clinton on things I would like answers to, because she can still change my mind. I want to do one on Sanders, but criticism of him has become more popular and urgent now that he is gaining in the polls. Worth doing anyways of course, because you should still be critical even of a candidate you support.


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