May 19, 2024


This so much this is why your vote matters!

Thanks to Media Matters for America
Thanks to Media Matters for America

Fortunately, you don’t have to give blood anymore. At least not in the U.S., just some of your time. Vote for those whose votes have been suppressed. The polls are open here until 7:00 PM. We completely understand what it feels like here in Texas not to be heard. Aron and me testify to the smug school board here in hopes that more than just them will hear us. They want to censor the struggle for civil rights, and instead glorify America’s war history, and have students believe Moses founded our government.  Seven of them are up for re-election.  Your vote will send a message if we don’t get them this time let them know we are coming for them next time.

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  1. Almost no one at work is wearing a I Voted sticker. I want to go up to them and say, “You are right; your vote doesn’t matter or count because you didn’t make one.” Instead of spending a year complaining, why not take a little time to count. At least then, you’ll have a reason to be listened to. I don’t think voting should be mandatory, but I wish I lived in a country where people felt it was morally mandatory as a thank you to those who shed blood to allow us the choice to choose.

    1. Down here in Australia, not only is voting legally mandatory, the moral aspect also applies. Not only does the Electoral Commission fine you $20 if you fail to give a good reason for not turning up (this going up to $170 if you refuse to pay the fine), you’re also seen as shirking your responsibility as a citizen if you don’t vote. It works, too. The average voter turnout is over 95% in our elections.

      1. Since this is a midterm, I think we’ll probably have something like 20% turnout, nationwide. It’s pretty freaking sad.

          1. Only 30-40% turnout? That’s just miserable. Considering how much I looked forward to voting in my first election back in 2001, it’s really hard to get my head around the idea of a country where so few people care about voting.

  2. Did my voting. Was asked who I voted for and said….Did not vote FOR anyone, just voted AGAINST the rePUKEians. For every office I picked someone who was NOT rePUKEian.

    And for those who say I’m being silly with that name, just remember you can be fired for using more appropriate words. Turned out I ended up voting mostly a full demoncrat (just in case you think I like them better) ticket.

  3. I wish I still lived in Texas if only to be another vote for Wendy Davis. And for me a vote for her isn’t just a vote against Greg Abbott.

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