September 23, 2023

Just a Snip

In my most recent episode of the Ra-Men, I spoke to Lena Lena Nyhus, founder of ‘Intact Denmark’ and ‘Just a Snip’, organizations opposed to the circumcision of children too young to consent. Female circumcision is already identified as genital mutilation in her home country of Denmark. So now she advocates for the rights of boys against being cut when there is no medical reason to do so, and a number of very good reasons not to.


Lena welcomes discussion and shared a number of contact links.

She also provided a number of links relevant to this discussion.

Cultural background, non-therapeutic circumcision and the risk of meatal stenosis and other urethral stricture disease: Two nationwide register-based cohort studies in Denmark 1977–2013, Frish & Simonsen 2016

Foreskin Morbidity in Uncircumcised Males, Sneppen & Thorup 2016

Complication rate after circumcision in a paediatric surgical setting should not be neglected, Thorup et al 2013

Sex & Circumcision, Earp 2015

Doctors Opposing Circumcision – Excellent collection of resources

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