April 17, 2024

CNN: Chattanooga Tennessee shooting today possible “Domestic Terrorism”

It is some progress that it is being correctly identified as domestic terrorism rather than a deranged gunman, although the situation is grim.  4 Marines and the shooter are dead. At least one of the official in the video of Mayor Andy Berke’s press conference in the feed on the article, is saying it is being investigated as domestic terrorism.  Although in the same video the banner says “terrorism was ruled out”, that could mean international terrorism and the banner writer is conflating international terrorism with all terrorism.

I grew up in the South, and I have childhood memories of the KKK terrorizing Vietnamese American shrimpers in Galveston, TX.  It makes me sad to see domestic terrorism prominently erupting in the South again.

I wonder how Fox News will report this?



9 thoughts on “CNN: Chattanooga Tennessee shooting today possible “Domestic Terrorism”

    1. Beat me to it. The shooter has a Middle Eastern name: therefore it was terrorism. Had he had a white name — say, Dylann Roof — then he would have been clearly a deranged loner.

      1. Not always. If you recall the Seattle Jewish center shooting, Naveed Afzal Haq was not charged with terrorism, but with a hate crime. I don’t recall the media even referring to it as terrorism. His defense was that he was deranged and he acted alone.

        The FBI has stated that Dylan Roof would be investigated for terrorism as well as hate crimes.

        The difference between terrorism and a religious/racially based hate crime? Presumably terrorism is a criminal attack designed to use fear to further a political movement? Under that definition and presumably if that sort of motive is established Roof’s crimes should also be labeled an act of terrorism.

  1. FauX News will lie to make the 1% look good as well as the rePUKEians. You can always count on them to get most of it wrong.

  2. lilandra wrote:

    I wonder how Fox News will report this?

    Seeing as he said one of his reasons for the shootings was to stop white women from being raped, perhaps they will classify him as a feminist terrorist?

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