April 14, 2024

Four Blood Moon Tetrad nonsense

The great conjunction of the sun and the earth with its shadow on the moon.
The great conjunction of the sun and the earth with its shadow on the moon.

I went to the American Atheist National Convention in Salt Lake City Utah in April of 2014. It’s funny because there was a ComiCon going on right across the street. A lot of them belonged with us -and visa versa. Patrick Stewart and William Shatner were both speaking there, but could just as well have spoken for us too. There were Christian protesters outside who couldn’t decide who’s parade they should rain on -as they kept crossing the street trying to protest both events. You know those fun-loving shit-on-everything religious extremists.

I confronted one of these wackadoos and got him to give me a falsifiable prediction. He said that within 18 months, the United States economy would collapse, such that no one could buy anything; that we would all have to bear the mark of the beast before we could even buy food again. He said that if his prediction failed, he would buy me dinner. Well, the deadline for this apocalyptic crash was was September 28th, 2015, the fulfillment of John Hagee’s blood moon tetrad prophesy. That was yesterday. There was no stock market crash. No asteroid impact, no rapture, no promised revelation that Jesus is near, and no national upheaval in the state of Israel either. That prophesy failed on all counts. So I posted a video response to that guy.


The fact that this was heralded as the most significant divine revelation of our time and yet it still failed so completely is important. But the wackadoo I talked to said that even if this and every other prophesy fails, such that they’re always wrong all the time, nothing would ever deter him; that he would never learn his lesson. (sigh)  Some people just cannot be reasoned with. There are none so blind as those who will not see. I rather doubt whether he’ll ever buy me the dinner he promised me either.

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