March 3, 2024

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism available for pre-order

FFoC cover finalI just saw the listing for the first time. Pre-orders of my book are available on Amazon.  The publisher returned their edition to me, and I’m now reviewing the final format. I think it will be 6×9″ and 440 pages. No pictures though. I should be recording an audio version of it sometime next month.  
This is remarkable to me. The first time I ever mentioned “foundational falsehoods of creationism” was a decade ago on a post to ChristianForums, and it was deleted by the admins because I dared to say their beliefs were false.
Then of course came the accidental success of the video series that changed my life. That series also gave me a wealth of peer review. I learned nuances and other details enhancing what I originally put on video, and importantly I can correct a couple errors and improve each of those arguments now that I’ve heard several years of feedback from so many experts.
I was at the American Humanist Association’s national convention in New Orleans when Kurt Volkan of Pitchstone Publishing introduced himself to me and said “we want you to write a book”. I hadn’t even considered doing that, and probably wouldn’t have if a publishing company hadn’t asked me to do it. Now I’m very glad that they did.

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