June 17, 2024

Darwin was no racist, and Hitler was no ‘Darwinist’.

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9 thoughts on “Darwin was no racist, and Hitler was no ‘Darwinist’.

  1. excellent video… how do we get more creationists to watch it and open their minds a bit.

    i just had an argument with a theist friend who thinks every word in the bible is true. he went on to tell me that the reason the Pats balls got deflated was because of the devil.. i told him that there is no devil and that a human had to of done it… he again said no no it was the devil… i then asked why he thinks i’m going to hell and how this could be the thoughts of a good person…. he said its gods will not his… i informed him that it is he… not god that thinks i’m going to hell and asked how could he call himself my friend while being convinced i’m going to burn in hell for eternity.

    this kind of mindset is a tough nut to crack….. your thoughts???

    another friend lost to the imaginary sky wizard…

  2. Are you sure the Nazis did not believe in evolution?


    “How the Nazis used a blend of politics and biology to try to change the course of evolution with the aim of filling vast forest parks with extinct but revered game animals for a new super-race to hunt.

    Documentary recalling how the Nazis planned to re-create extinct, revered game animals to populate vast hunting parks through an ambitious genetic manipulation programme.”

    1. You’re forgetting that historically, “evolution’ didn’t just include Darwin’s variety. The Nazis accepted a twisted version of Lamarckism, which focuses on acquired traits that can then be passed down (e.g. lift weights to get buff children). For the record, “social Darwinism” and “Darwinian evolution” aren’t actually linked, and the former is much more in line with Lamarckism (or Lysenkoism in Russia) than it is with the latter.



  3. @Ashley H-W: The video explains that Hitler believed in the standard Creationist notion that evolution only happens within a “kind”. Trying to breed animals to be more like the original “kind” is perfectly consistent with that view and does not require an acceptance of the actual theory of evolution.

    Also, saying “Hitler was no Darwinist” is not the same as “Nazis did not believe in evolution”.

  4. Point of fact: the Abraham Lincoln quote you used does not say that black people should be denied everything, it says that he does not think that despite his belief in their inferior position.

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