May 19, 2024

Ark Encounter Needs a Trigger Warning

It can be difficult to make it through the Ark Encounter and maintain a cheerful optimism about the future of mankind. Ignorance is proudly on display everywhere. For those, who left childhood creationist indoctrination behind, it is a particularly difficult trudge through a literal boatload of lies.The rationale for the Ark Encounter is displayed in this sign:


Alternatively the serpent, the ark, and Heaven and Hell are stories.
Alternatively, the serpent, the ark, and Heaven and Hell are stories.

Before I took this picture, a mother stopped with her children here to impress upon them to believe the story of the Flood. She asked them who the serpent was, and they replied, “The Devil!” Then she told them that the Devil lies and people believe him so they can do anything they want. I have these same types harmful memories packed away, and it is no fun reopening them.

The irony is the entire premise of the Ark Encounter is a lie that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old and species were specially created. The Flood myth itself is a tale of genocide by a wrathful and petty god. It’s not a story suitable for children. It is definitely not a scientific explanation for anything. Most importantly, it is wrong to teach false knowledge especially to children instead of science. These myths stifle natural and healthy curiosity about the fascinating natural world we live in.

Where is the harm in building a giant ark in Kentucky? It’s barely open and already it’s being used for its intended purpose of continuing the cycle of indoctrination.

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