April 17, 2024

Anti-choicers Faux Concern for Women.

Beth Presswood, of the podcast Godless Bitches and Atheist Experience, has started a new blog with a take-down of another  specious argument that abortion somehow demeans women. She is a dear friend, and her rants against anti-abortion quackery sites like Life Action News, which she calls ” Lie Action News” are not only amusing but informative. In answer to a “Lie Action News” post about how abortion supposedly demeans women:

Here we see the typical anti-choice lack of understanding of the concept of CONSENT and CHOICE. Procreation is only empowering if it is chosen. Neither forced pregnancy continuation or forced abortion is empowering. It is possible for society to celebrate the choice of procreation and abortion simultaneously or at least to not prohibit abortion.

Having reproductive choices actually empowers women.
Having reproductive choices actually empowers women.

She is a big influence on my thinking on reproductive rights, and part of the reason that her husband Matt Dillahunty is such a devastating force for choice in the debate arena. My debate last week with former abortion provider turned staunch anti-choicer Carol Everrett was strongly influenced by both of them. I consulted them before the debate. Everrett goes on Fox News and the 700 club with astonishing testimony of her days trying to get rich in the abortion industry. I promised to have a fact check of her claims up, and that will soon follow the video of the debate being posted, so you can see the context of what she said. Suffice it to say for now, she quoted a number of debunked claims about abortion.


I mainly follow Beth’s posts on Facebook on choice and have learned a lot as a result. Her rants against the pantriarchy are amusing as well.

Beth's philosophy on pants
Beth’s philosophy on pants

I look forward to her pants posts. Strangely she often arouses staunch pro-pants supporters on her posts, who think they know better than her whether pants are right for her. One even lectured Matt about his wife posting on Facebook about pants somehow trivializing Matt’s work as an atheist.

One individual has decided that her Facebook posts about leggings are trivial and a waste of the community’s time…and that if HE were the host of an atheist show he wouldn’t allow his wife to represent him so poorly by wasting time on trivialities. Evidently, I’ve lost his respect.

Damn, and I was so hoping to retain the respect of backward-thinking sexists.

I admit this particular smack down appeals to me because sometimes anti-feminist atheist purists have criticized my husband Aron, as if I unduly influence his views on feminism. As if being a public atheist means you only talk about atheism. Also, a growing number of atheists happen to be women. Talking about science education though is perfectly acceptable, although it doesn’t hinge on atheism either.

Go visit her blog if you like atheist/feminist fusion. Just don’t tell her what kind of pants to wear.


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