May 19, 2024

Actually Ken Ham: It’s Great to be an Ape

I was invited by Dallas’s Fellowship of Freethought to speak about creationism with the Mister Ra. Aron spoke about his disappointment at Ham’s response about wisdom teeth not being proof of anything that contradicts the biblical account of Genesis.

My presentation addressed Ham’s vain response that he is made in the image of god, and not an ape as I told him earlier. It is a presentation to show how anyone including Ham can actually know this. If he has ears let him hear right? The presentation also addresses why it isn’t an insult to be classified as an ape.

Vic Wang of Houston Atheists gives an update at the end about his organization’s efforts to stage a demonstration in response to Ham’s keynote speech to a home school conference Aug 1-3. Houston Atheists, Aron Ra, PZ Myers, and Zach Kopplin, Mike Aus, and little ole atheist woman me plan to show that evolution is the only science that can be taught to students. The event will is planned at Houston’s Museum of Science, a real museum! Info about this can be found at

If you would like to help with this event contact

He has yet to accept Houston Atheists, Aron Ra, and Dr.PZ Myers debate challenge to him and Answers in Genesis:… He called the first debate challenge rude.

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14 thoughts on “Actually Ken Ham: It’s Great to be an Ape

    1. Define ‘challenge’.

      If you mean that he’s going to make a bunch of declarations about things that ‘Darwinism’ neither states nor implies, and then he’s going to knock down that strawman … yeah, he might do that. It’s also possible that he’s going to find the small number of details that Darwin actually had wrong and have been demonstrated to be wrong by more recent discoveries in the field of biology.

      The thing that he’s going to leave out is that those new elements have since been incorporated into modern evolutionary theories. Since Darwin said it, the theory of evolution must say it, because all that Ray understands is an argument from authority.

      I’m not even expecting anything as advanced as the latter type of argument, though. All I’m expecting is a transparent straw-man. I don’t expect to be impressed.

    2. Heh heh heh heh heh. And any site that has ads for Goldline on it isn’t a site that I’m going to trust to give me a fair perspective on anything. They’re marketing to suckers.

    3. As indicated right here:

      … but that hasn’t stopped him from producing “Evolution vs. God” in an effort to spark conversation about a highly-contentious theological issue.

      It’s not a theological issue. It’s a scientific issue. If it doesn’t mesh with your theology, too bad. That doesn’t bring science down to the level of theology, when they conflict. Science automatically overrides theology.

    4. Yeah, taking down Comfort is about as much of a challenge as breaking an egg that’s already been thrown down the stairs.

    1. sez lilandra: “Are you seriously saying that what Ray Comfort is saying is going to be challenge for Evolution?”

      That depends on what sort of ‘challenge’ williamhumenanasky meant. If he meant that it was going to be a challenge to correct the baked-in misconceptions of the slavering hordes that swallow Comfort’s line whole…

  1. humans aren’t apes. we are primates, related to apes. if you think you are an ape, fly to Africa. go on a tour to meet the gorillas and stare at a silver back. better have good health insurance! 🙂

    1. As members of Catarrhini, we’re most definitely apes, and as members of Haplorhini, we’re technically monkeys as well. All of the members are primates. Someone needs to brush up on taxonomy.

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