If you were directed to AronRa.com by the video of the 14th FFoC pt 2
know that I have finally secured my own name from the previous owner.
What I do outside of YouTube...​

 introductory interview with D.P.R. Jones on BlogTV

 Interview with Jim 'Poorman' Trenton on LuvChat

 Interview on the Tasmanian podcast, GodlessBiz 

 interview on 1st podcast of The Thinking Atheist

 participation on the Non-Prophets radio show

 1st appearance on the Atheist Experience, ep #648

 2nd appearance on the Atheist Experience, ep #668

 'Long Boring Speech' to the North Texas Skeptics

 speech to Broward College on Darwin Day 2010

 panel discussion at Texas Freethought Convention

speech to Broward College on Darwin Day 2011

special appearance on the Non-Prophets radio show 

speech to the Atheist Community of Austin

3rd appearance on the Atheist Experience, ep #703

Discussion panel at the World Atheist Convention 

Interview on Camelot Radio, June 2011

Participation on the Non-Prophets, 07/02/20112

Interview on 'Tuesday Afternoon' podcast  pt1  pt2

Speech at the Oklahoma Freethought Convention 2011

My debate with creationist radio host, Bob Enyart

2nd interview on The Thinking Atheist podcast

Discussion on ZBN's The Side Show

Controversies of Phylogeny lecture for Darwin Day 2012

Speech on Reasonable Faith at Collin College

Phylogeny speech at Orange County Freethought conv.

Faith is not a Virtue -Eastern Illinois University 

LogiCon from the University of Arkansas

Guest spot on the Atheist Perspective

My debate with Ray Comfort on Radio-Paul.

My speech on the steps of Texas' state capital

My appearance on the Bob Dutko show

Failures of creationism from 'Reason on the Rock'

My speech at Florida's secular rally in Tallahassee

Guest spot on Dogma Debate with David Smalley 

Speech for North Texas Secular Convention at UTD

Flintstones Archaeology for Humanists of Houston

My speech at the National Atheist Party Convention

American Atheists National Convention in Austin TX

Evolution of Genesis for the SSA in Denton TX

Reason on the Bayou in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Imagine No Religion 3 in Kamloops British Columbia

Why Does Anyone Believe the Bible? for the SSA at OSU

Correcting Ken Ham at the Fellowship of Freethought

9th grade evolution -Huston Museum of Natural Science​

Truth vs Make-Believe - Athest Alliance of America

Show me the truth of it - Apostacon 2013

Reconsidering Norms - University of Akron

Speech on Meaning & Morality for godless Humanists 

Sunday Morning with Dr. Jones at the Place

On the panel with the New Covenant Group

Guest appearance on Meeting of the Minds

The Blind Faith Virus Vaccine Show, parts one & two

Interview with Phil Ferguson on Skeptic Money

Guest spot on the Skeptic Fence Show

Talk about the Commandments in Nacogdoces Texas

Discussing the 'Big Daddy' tract on The Bible Reloaded

4th appearance on the Atheist Experience TV show

Unholy Trinity American Tour 2014 (rec in San Antonio)

Guest appearance on Inspiring Doubt

Guest appearance on Atheist Analysis

​Second guest appearance on The Place

Inequity speech at Zetiticon in Fargo North Dakota​

Guest lecture on evolution on Atheist Analysis

The Alan Eisenberg Show AM 1400 ABC News Talk WRJN

Give the Devil His Due, SkeptOKon, Edmond Okahoma

Sitting in-studio on Unbelievers Radio in Phoenix AZ

What we can and cannot say we know - ASU Tempe AZ

Talking with Mythicist Milwaukee on KRAFtKASt

Interview with Anton Hill on the Atheist Edited Show

​A 2nd session with Unbelievers Radio, this time online

​Guest spot on Kraftkast radio Milwaukee

Believin' what you know ain't so in Auckland New Zealand

Biblical Absurdity -Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne Australia

How Religion Harms Education, in Dublin Ireland

​Guest spot on The Last Word Today FM in Dublin Ireland

Matt & I on Godless Spellchecker in Manchester England

I talk about ​Religious Culture on our tour of Europe. 

​The Big Picture & a Petty Deity in Vancouver Canada

The Reason for Reason in Saint Louis Missouri

The Imposition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The False Equivalence of Creationism - Grand Forks ND

American Exception in Vijayawada, India

Indoctrination State - Copenhagen Denmark

Guest spot on the Brainstorm podcast

Skeptical Atheist Secular Humanism in Canada

On the eve of the Ark, Tri-State Freethinkers

Debate with John Lepp, Is God the Source of all Good?

Tri-State FreeThinkers Anti-Ark Rally, Cincinnati, OH

​How Sensationalism Spoils Science, Denver, CO

Draxonomy, presentation at DragonCon

DragonCon Skeptrack Kickoff 2016

Atheist Activists, Diplomats vs Firebrands DragonCon

Fundamental Fallacies of Faith, Sacramento, CA

Debate with Subboor Ahamad, Is Evolution a Fact?

Phylogeny Explorer Progress, Orlando FL

Testimony against creationism to Texas State BoE

Solipsist Apologetics at ReasonCon, Hickory NC

Appearance on Road to Reason ep187

Testimony to Texas State House

Irrational Politics, Rationalists con, Helsinki Finland

Mythical Man, Gateway to Reason, St Louis, MO

Political Infidel, AAcon, North Charleston SC

What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say, Fullerton, CA

What the Bible Ought to Say, Los Angeles, CA

Why we wanted to believe, Raleigh NC

Rationalism in a World of Alternative Facts, Fresno CA

Why do believers hate reality so much?, Cambridge UK

Schooling Kent Hovind on Evolution, Non-Sequitor Show

Evolution of God, University of Milwaukee, WI

If you would like me to speak for your group, 
ask for me through the Secular Student Alliance.  
Otherwise contact AronRa @ gmail.com
My schedule changes more often than I can update this page. So I'm keeping my schedule of future speaking dates on our blog for ReasonAdvocates on Patheos.
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I am best known for this YouTube series....

1st foundational falsehood of creationism:
"evolution = atheism"

2nd foundational falsehood of creationism:
"scriptures are the 'Word of God'."

3rd foundational falsehood of creationism:
"human interpretation = absolute truth."

4th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism;
"belief = knowledge"

5th foundational falsehood of creationism;
“Evolution is a religious 'ism'.”

6th foundational falsehood of Creationism:
“Evolution must explain the origin of life,
  the universe, and everything.”

7th foundational falsehood of Creationism:
“Evolution is random.”

8th foundational falsehood of creationism:
“Mutations are rare and always harmful
  decreases in genetic information.”

9th foundational falsehood of Creationism:
“No transitional species have ever been found.”

10th foundational falsehood of creationism;
“The evolutionary ‘tree of life’ is nowhere implied
  either in the fossil record, nor in biology.”

11th foundational falsehood of creationism:
“Macroevolution has never been observed.”

12th foundational falsehood of Creationism:
“Creationism is scientifc”

13th foundational falsehood of creationism:
“Evolution is a fraud!”

14th foundational falsehood of creationism pt1:
“Creation is evident” 

14th foundational falsehood of creationism pt2:
“Creation is evident” 

15th foundational falsehood of creationism pt1:
“Evolution has never been proved.
  It’s still just a theory, not a fact.” 

15th foundational falsehood of creationism pt2:
“Evolution has never been proved.
  It’s still just a theory, not a fact.” 
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