April 14, 2024

A reminder note from a Christian that Asians don’t belong here

I found this note on my car, after taking my children to the Asian part of town to eat.


As for me and my house we serve bacon. Checkmate theists. -wisdom from a facebook friend.
As for me and my house we serve bacon. Checkmate theists.
-wisdom from a facebook friend.

We love Vietnamese food because of our family heritage. It turns out this is part of a Biblical verse…

And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Judges 24:15

So somebody took time out of their day to to remind patrons at an Asian shopping center, that they aren’t to serve the gods of their ancestors. There are a few racist assumptions here.

  • Many Vietnamese Americans are Catholic.
  • That people of Asian descent are dwelling on another person’s land. Many of us are citizens, or have a right to immigrate here by the law of the land.
  • That Asian Americans aren’t native born, or it doesn’t matter if they are.

I could go on here, because there is much ignorance displayed by this note, but I have already proven the point.

12 thoughts on “A reminder note from a Christian that Asians don’t belong here

  1. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If we’re calling dibs here, aren’t those of your genetic pool a hell of a lot closer to the people who wandered across the land bridge and called dibs a few tens of thousands of years ago? It’s a shame you can’t find these idiots and tell them that they’re right, and they should get the hell out of the Native Americans’ lands.

  2. Pretty much seconding everything already said, particularly on the fact that the note-maker is essentially saying that you should follow Christianity because they managed to kill everybody who wouldn’t be and thus are a majority in the US now, but something about the verse confuses me:

    I may be misreading, but that verse looks like it says that everybody who doesn’t follow Jahve/Jehova/El/Ellie can choose between the religions that their ancestors followed or the one that is followed in the land they currently live in, condemning neither option, but that the speaker has a “my house, my rules” policy.

    I understand that the note-writer is being racist and thinks that anything related to any Asian culture is heathen and that everybody of Asian descent should convert to Christianity, and that’s why they’re telling people to pick the god of the land (forgetting for a moment that the USA is technically secular) but I’m not sure I get how this verse is supporting that notion. It asks one to choose between ancestral and popular religion, specifically non-abrahamic ones, instead of telling one to following the deity of all-caps.

    Am I missing something? I might just be foolishly trying to follow the logic of a xenophobic racist note, and my apologies for that, but it seems completely contradictory to their message. This does not help me figure out if I should worship Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth like my ancestors or Morgan Freeman like the land, dangit!

  3. I would guess that the person who left the note is White, because the gods of the Native Americans were originally not those of the White settlers. I can never get over the audacity of White people who claim this land as a White country. They weren’t the first to lay claim to it, and when they came over they brought others. And they were successful in conquering the Natives because the Whites brought diseases. I’m sorry, but just because you infect something doesn’t make it automatically yours.

    Sorry, but my feelings toward the White settlers are a bit harsh. Still, people I meet tell me that this is a White country, and that I should go back to where I came from (I’m Cherokee). So this is more of their racist claptrap.

    1. Hi, it’s entirely understandable how you feel, and my heart sobs for you and what the European colonists did to your ancestors, and even today Native American culture is spat on by current…I call them “Afters,” never Americans, when the US Capitol NFL team still clings to the racial ‘Redskins’ slur. What arrogance by Afters descendents and themselves to ruin an entire peoples, and actually justify their cruelty with saying god gave them a mandate to forcibly take the land from those indigenous here already. Israel is an extension of European colonialisation, and the poor Palestinians who had nothing to do with any Holocaust to be done to as the Native Americans were done to as well.

      I cringe each year over the lies and myths of Thanksgiving that distorts what the celebration was about, the returning home after killing all the men, women, and children of the Pequot tribe. As well when there’s this praise of the Founding Fathers, slave owners and perpetrators of so much suffering to Indian tribes, breaking every treaty, taking the best land putting the people into ghettos(on reservations), and worst is to remove any kind of self-determination of all Native Americans(same as is done in Haiti, they elect Democratically, Aristide, a good leader, but the US remove him illegally;the first successful slave revolt…from the French, and the US still is punishing them).

      I used to go to Cherokee NC in the 1970s clueless of the history there, for camping, but after reading of the Trail of Tears, how could it ever be the same sense of enjoyment(it’s true, ignorance is bliss, but I really loved the mountains there, but the Cherokee tribe was, I think, made to be out of sight out of mind[I saw no Cherokee Indians in Cherokee NC]) from an area that was quite possibly stolen land of the Cherokee with the tribe sequestered in small plots,compared to former holdings, and likely sites of great suffering.(Book is Mr Jefferson’s Lost Cause, by Roger G Kennedy. published 2003.

      I love the site by John Two-Hawks, called Native Circle, a site of which a different narrative of history from those who lost so much and it can be learned about and passed on to others and never buried as though they were not a part of a period of human’s inhumanity to itself. Peace.


      “Welcome to Native Circle, a place where people from

      all the sacred colors of the human race can come and

      begin to experience the powerful wisdom of Indigenous

      traditions. You are invited to explore this site, reach,

      grow, learn and connect. It is my prayer that Native

      Circle will be more than just a website, but a doorway

      which can lead you to a place of inner balance, peace

      and humble understanding. May you be blessed….”-John Two-Hawks

  4. @ Keveak : One should always worship Tom Hiddleston! How can this be in question?

    On a serious note, that slip of paper just proves how narcissistic and masturbatory religiousity is. “I’ll slip you this Bible quote that I don’t think you’ll recognize because you

    are all heathen scum.Tee-hee! I’m such an awesome Christian!”


  5. Doesn’t have sufficient courage in their convictions to say it to your face – odd that.

    Such attitudes as those implied by the above note are a lot less common here but once in a while they do raise their ugly head. My wife came to Australia as a refugee from Vietnam in 1983 because, as ethnic Chinese, she was not welome in her own country after the communist takeover. She is now a trained nurse and owns her own house and has arguably contributed more to her adopted country than many who were born here – nearly all of whom are ‘immigrants’ themselves of course.

    Nonetheless, she is an Australian citizen and this is as much her country as it is theirs. Oddly enough, I don’t get any of this sort of crap even though I’m an immigrant and not a citizen – but then, I’m white…

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