July 14, 2024

Whether black lives matter against Police force

Tonight the Ra-Men talk to Bria Crutchfield, president of Black Nonbelievers of Detroit – on how racism is disproportionately imposed by police, prosecution, and imprisonment.  We’ll also talk to her associate, Evette Stanton who lives in Ferguson Missouri.  And we’ll talk to James Croft, who was actually involved in the most recent riots there.   You can watch out discussion here, live at 9:00pm central time, Thursday 12/04/2014, or on YouTube thereafter.

3 thoughts on “Whether black lives matter against Police force

  1. PS: No one cares, but I felt the need to post a correction, and I think the other thread is closed. I suggested an interview with Kirk Sorensen. I retract that. Never do it. I hope he succeeds at making LFTR work, but no more. By all appearances, he is a standard republican Christian dominionist uncaring libertarian thug. And yet he’s one of America’s best hopes on this topic (energy policy) AFAIK. Shit sucks.

  2. No-knock warrants are an abomination. They simply should not be allowed. When people are charged for shooting masked intruders breaking in through the window in the middle of the night, when they happen to be cops who don’t announce their presence, that too is an abomination.

  3. I also agree that it’s ridiculous that if I point a gun at someone for no reason, that’s assault with a deadly weapon, but when a cop does it? It’s Tuesday in Ferguson. Or Tuesday anywhere in the United States.

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