June 17, 2024

Unpopular Perry

Roughly 1,000 people had signed up to testify against the abortion bill being pushed through the 2nd special session of Perry’s personal agenda, but only about 10% of those people were actually allowed to speak. So a coalition of independent agencies put together a petition requesting senators to hold public hearings across the state.

Yesterday, (Sunday) I volunteered for a couple hours to make calls on behalf of StandWithTexasWomen.org, trying to add names to their petition. I only actually spoke to 21 people. Of them three cut me off or hung up before they knew what I was talking about. All the remaining 18 people who actually spoke to me expressed their objection to what Perry is trying to do. That was encouraging.

One person described himself as a clinical psychologist who is aware of what happens when women find themselves in a desperate situation and are denied safe professional medical procedures. Everyone else simply voiced disgust at Perry’s disregard for the 80% of Texans opposed to this bill.

Gov. Perry said,“The louder they scream, [in protest] the more we know that we are getting something done.”.

His unreasonable disregard for the strong concerns of a clear majority of his constituents is the sound of a political career coming to an end.

Of the dozen-and-a-half people I talked to yesterday, my favorite was this adorable little old lady who expressed her opinion of Rick Perry in her ancient Granny voice, “I just want you to know, I really hate that man.”

All the other volunteers reported her opinion as being consistently repeated by almost everyone that any of us spoke to.

16 thoughts on “Unpopular Perry

  1. The spooky part of this is that there’s a better-than-even chance that Perry and Co. will get their way in spite of the voice of the majority of their constituents.

    I haven’t been politically active since 1969, but I guess it’s time again………

  2. Perry’s making some sort of “I’m running/not running” announcement today at 1 pm Texas time.

  3. Gov. Perry said,“The louder they scream, [in protest] the more we know that we are getting something done.”.

    And yet, the word “they” refers to his constituents.

    Thank you for making calls.

  4. I’m half expecting Rick to announce he’s going to run for the office of Supreme Leader of the People’s Christian Democratic Republic of Texas.

  5. And like the nastiest sort of home invader, Perry leaves behind this turd of an anti-choice law.

    1. Turd dropping is a poor strategy for home invasion, now that DNA evidence is in vogue.

    1. I’ll never fully understand how he garnered enough support to run, but it has to do with cognitive dissonance.

      I have a friend who lit up social media during the last election style with all sorts of rants about how Obama wasted tax dollars left and right, how unions are fucking the country, and how public education doesn’t need any more money, etc. etc.

      Then when Perry called the “National Day of Prayer” in Reliant Stadium that cost the state a crapload in time and money and is almost certainly a First Amendment violation, this same friend defended him as “doing what he thought would help” And apparently no one can fault him for that.

  6. To avoid the ‘primary effect’, rational Texans should register as republicans to put some sanity in the nominating prcess.

  7. Perhaps these 80% of Texans need to take a lesson from the people of Egypt and show up in massive numbers in Republic Square Park in Austin to make their views known.

  8. “Gov. Perry said,“The louder they scream, [in protest] the more we know that we are getting something done.”.”

    This sounds like something a professional torturer would say.

  9. I hope this isn’t written to slander these people as if it’s not true then their names have been dragged through mud BUT if it is true then I hope they will stop and do a 180 deg turn about

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