June 17, 2024

the MARCH of REASON documentary film

I’ve been interviewed for several documentary films over the last few years, but I never saw any of them. This morning, I see that the Scott Burdick’s March of Reason has been made available on YouTube. I’ve only seen a few minutes of it, but it looks pretty good so far.

This one was filmed at the Reason Rally, American Atheists national convention in Bethesda Maryland, and Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg.

There’s so much excellent content that must be shared with our atheist and humanist community, too good to cull down into just one film. So, Scott has organized your words and art into topics such as “Reason and Atheism,” “Morality,”  “Ridicule,” “Targeting Children,” “Faith,” and more. The result is not one but FIVE one-hour videos that are being placed on YouTube for everyone to watch and think about and talk about. The first two are now online and will soon be opened to the public:

March of Reason Part One:  


March of Reason Part Two:   


Everyone who was interviewed is profiled at least once in the series, and many appear multiple times depending on the topic.  Enjoy! Please watch and share with your fellow nonbelievers—and with your believer friends who might be open to rethinking their views.

Future plans:   We hope that these films will be shown by local freethought/humanist/atheist organizations, used in university courses, and shared across the internet. Scott is also in discussions with the Richard Dawkins Foundation and others to produce a 90-minute documentary film that can potentially be shown on major media channels, local theaters, and film festivals.

6 thoughts on “the MARCH of REASON documentary film

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  2. Well, damn. I was at Rock Beyond Belief. I didn’t see any of this going on. Wish I’d known we had someone interviewing people.

  3. Hi…. new here… like what i see, good job…. great part 1, 2 , 3… of 5, wondering where part 4 and 5 are.

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