April 17, 2024

Scott Lane on the Ra-Men

The summary of tonight’s podcast is that Scott Lane has a son in a Louisiana elementary school -“-where the state government fosters creationism and religious proselytization in schools.  One of the test questions asked [something along the lines of] “Isn’t it wonderful what the ______ has done?”  Lane’s son couldn’t have guessed that the answer might be ‘Lord’ -because he’s a Thai Buddhist. The teacher saw fit to criticize the child for that, telling him and the whole class that his religion was silly and stupid. The faculty in the office were no better, suggesting that Lane enroll his kids in a different school if they refuse to convert their religion.


3 thoughts on “Scott Lane on the Ra-Men

  1. Yeah, I caught that story on the most recent episode of The Scathing Atheist. I’ll have to watch your take on it. I’ll get to that in a little bit.

  2. Great episode. Scott Lane was very well spoken, despite the horrific story he had to tell. One of the most engrossing episodes for me so far.

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