July 14, 2024

Indisputable Irrefutable Absolute Proof of God

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The front man for the Restored Church of God is at least as deserving of a take-down reality check as any other creationist, especially since this guy is the author of so many publications dedicated to misinformation. I never heard of him before now. He’s one of those multimillion-dollar charlatans who somehow he slipped under most people’s radar. He’s got the typical psychology of creationists, in that he asserts his baseless erroneous assumptions with mindless confidence; so that his clueless followers think he must be right. But he demonstrates even less understanding of evolution or of science in general than most other professional creationists. I mean, he bragged that his studies were limited to a couple years worth of reading exclusively creationist propaganda from FIFTY years ago, and he obviously never ever studied anything about actual science at all. Yet he thinks he knows better than all the world’s best educated expert specialists in any field. He even presents Intelligent Design theorists as if they are “evolutionists” being  influenced by the [unnamed] facts which he says support creation’.

But this combination of ignorance and arrogance wasn’t what drove me make a video series debunking him; it’s his one-way communication where he does all the talking and finger pointing with commanding authority, and obviously never listened to anyone who actually knew anything. Well, that and the truth matters, and everything he says is demonstrably wrong. That’s ironic considering that he’s editor of “Real Truth” magazine.

He doesn’t allow comments on his videos of course. He likes to control all the information, which is another of religion’s many personality flaws. So he’s an apparent control freak and a walking example of the Dunning Kruger effect. It’s time someone let him know that; especially since he’s calling atheists fools and saying people should weep for “evolutionists”. It’s time someone showed him (or at least his followers) that he has no idea what he’s talking about, and that’s why he’s absolutely wrong about absolutely everything.

When he finds out about the series I’m making, I predict he’ll try to censor it or DMCA me. So mirror it while you can. If he was smart, he’d just ignore me. Otherwise he’ll learn what the Steisand Effect is. But even if he doesn’t try to shut me up, I’ve got quite a long series of pwnage-style videos coming -all disputing refuting and absolutely disproving what he somehow thought was indisputable irrefutable absolute proof of God.

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