July 14, 2024

I’m on IMDB

I have an IMDB page now, because I’ve been in a handful of movies, almost all of them documentaries, and only two of those are listed on that page. Take A Scarlett Letter for an example of one of the ones that are not listed. In the one exception to the documentaries, I played an post-apocalyptic ’80s future Road-Warrior type biker, fighting zombies reanimated by a slightly decomposing Jesus Christ. My son and I were only extras, but amusingly I was also the most famous person in that film. However I’m still not in the credits or the trailer, even after I promoted it. The film was called, The Zombie Christ (2012) and should not be confused with Zombie Christ (2010), which was a different and much more famous movie. The one I was in was rejected by all the film critics and never showed again to my knowledge after the premier. (It was really awful). But I enjoyed doing that and I hope I get a chance to be in another movie where I’m not just playing myself.
My son is in the trailer. He’s the zombie in plaid.

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