June 17, 2024

Another bill to protect creationism

It never stops in Texas.  Now Wednesday April 17th, the Texas state legislature will hold a hearing “relating to prohibiting discrimination by public institutions of higher education against faculty members and students based on their conduct of research relating to intelligent design.”  What’s that mean?  Well, I’m not sure, but I would guess that it means that we can’t prosecute teachers for lying to their students with regard to evolution vs creationist pseudoscience. It can’t work the other way though. It wouldn’t unleash strong science advocates against creationism because that would be an attack on religion. It’s yet another double-standard allowing pseudoscience to skirt accountability by binding science by its own credence.

7 thoughts on “Another bill to protect creationism

  1. OK, Texas wants to research Intelligent Design. Good! First start with the Theory of Intelligent Design and then publish evidence of same. And the researchers have to publish in mainstream, peer reviewed journals, not the Discovery Institute hack jobs.


    If they can’t do that, then their university can fire them.


    Its Creationism Tough Love: put up or shut up!

  2. I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with protecting people like Guillermo Gonzales, who was denied tenure in part because he is a creationist.

  3. Hi Mr. Ra, I hope your health is good. Fight the good fight man, we are winning. I’m an RN at a South Carolina hospital. (I’m from NY) Every time we bring grandma back from dying, with CPR. shocks, and drugs, I gotta hear thank you jesus..Then from the staff, I gotta hear jesus is working through me.

    Thanks for listening.. I gotta make you laugh (I know you need it too). A few weeks back (typical deep south Baptists) were visiting grandma and they brought a radio. (singing hymns). She was having trouble with constipation and I was given her laxatives for 2 days. She finally had a bowel movement. They shut the door when I was done and went crazy thanking jesus for her shitting .(there were 1/2 dozen people in there-it was

    hilarious). I swear they doing that rollin’ on the floor stuff. The singing got so loud I had to break it up. Have a great day. Jim K.

  4. I can just here in10 yrs at the HR office……

    We have 500 resumes, 300 from local Texas schools, 199 Mississippi schools and 1 from a NE school.

    any way we can get the NE person to come down to gawds country for this job??? We do need someonewho knows real science.

  5. I’m wondering what various corporations and small businesses think when they read stuff like this — especially the High-Tech and Science-oriented businesses. I’d kinda be thinking twice about setting up in a state that actually *teaches it’s kids to be stupid and superstitious.* Remember: “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies just as much to kids as it does to computers.

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