July 14, 2024

Tonight on Dogma Debate

I found out on Friday afternoon that Rachel Brown and I were to run this week’s episode of Dogma Debate, because Smalley will be out-of-town. I wanted to line up a couple of science-heavy guests that she and I would like to talk to, but there just wasn’t enough advanced notice to set that up. Oh well. Maybe some pseudo-science weirdo will call in wanting to argue.

6 thoughts on “Tonight on Dogma Debate

  1. Well, if some weirdo does phone in to argue, maybe the conversation can be steered to instances of creationist xians hating honest evolutionist biologists more than their own members who admit to sex crimes?

    Case in point. I know this is old, but this just burns me up.

    “We are deeply grateful for Dr. Thompson’s longstanding warfare against the sinister doctrine of evolution, with his eloquent affirmation of the biblical account of Creation,” Miller wrote in an open letter to Apologetics Press supporters. “Truth is truth, even if those who defend it eventually succumb to personal sin,” Miller wrote.

    At that time, Thompson confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness, according to those present. At his church the next night, he responded to the invitation and again asked for forgiveness.

  2. Just want to say that you handled the Zimmerman discussion on the last Dogma Debate like a pro. All three of you had the right idea, but I truly appreciate your breakdown of where it all went wrong.

  3. Hey Aron Ra u think its possble to have Jason Lisle on the show? (infamous for his “Ultimite proof of creation” book) Just take a look at his blog and some of his posts/comments http://www.jasonlisle.com/ i think it might be kinda funny…

  4. Sorry, when I called in I did not get the link that you told me about. I am most intersted, could you please post or direct me to it.

    Thank you

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