June 17, 2024

Not so much myth-busting as myth-making

In a previous post, I mentioned a creationist calling himself a “mythbuster”, busting what he thinks are myths Christians believe in. But not him. He told me that he knows more than every theologian anywhere ever. He knew this because he didn’t bother learning about ancient pre-Judean culture, comparative mythology, or the history of the Bible as a compilation. No, he only read the 66 books of the Bible with no contextual background to confuse him.


Seems our previous discussion didn’t go the way he wanted. So at his request, we tried again, and this time we managed to connect on a Google hangout. However I still found the conversation quite frustrating: especially when he told me that the only interpretation that makes sense is if we assume that the serpent in the garden is really just another name for Adam. Of course. Why didn’t I or anyone else in human history see that?

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