June 17, 2024

Not gonna rocket, just gonna stroke it.

So Elon Musk built a magnificent phallic symbol, bigger than the Saturn V and used it to launch a red convertible sports car into deep space while playing David Bowie, just to show off what he can do.
At the same time, a reality-denying flat-earther with a homemade strap-on fireworks display that is actually smaller than my car just couldn’t schwing his pocket rocket into action. I don’t know what the excuse was. He can’t say this never happened before, because this was his third strike-out where he couldn’t get it up.
But that’s not the funny part. Even if his little red rocket went off prematurely, it still would’ve been a failure, because it was originally designed to only go 550 meters or 1,800 feet or just less than half a mile up.
The Burj Kalifa in Dubai
Big deal. I’ve been at the observation deck of a building that was higher than that. So this guy’s not gonna see anything from his DIY death trap that I haven’t already seen just stepping out of an elevator.
So the myopic Mike “I don’t believe in science” Hughes has since raised the stakes. Now he reportedly says that his inner space racer will rise as much as a mile. I don’t know how he extended that or if he’s using some sort of rocket enhancement, because his tool is still just as small. I guess size doesn’t matter. It’s all in how you use it.
But I’ve still stood at the top of a number of mountains that were multiple times higher than his rocket can go. So I’ve already seen more than he will while still standing on the ground.
Funny thing about those mountains. As you drive toward them, you first can only see the top of them with the rest obscured beneath the horizon. Then of course the closer you get, the more of the mountain you can see, almost as if the earth were round or something.
I’ve also flown quite a bit. We’ve all been five or six times higher than his rocket’s reach if you’ve ever been on a commercial jet. I’m sure that’s part of the global conspiracy, right? That while they’re dumping out chemtrails for whatever secret purpose, the airlines are also lying to us about how high we really are? But why would they do that? If you still can’t see the curvature of the earth from an altitude of 40,000 feet, then how could you possibly see it from only 5,286 feet?
I’ve also flown many times in tiny private planes, some ultralight, some vintage. So even if Big Brother said differently on commercial flights, I still know I’ve already flown higher and gone much further than Hughes’ booster even in an antique prop-job. So what point could his endeavor possibly prove? Any fool–including this particular fool–has to know that this is not high enough to achieve his advertised goal.
MY point is that he KNOWS that, and that’s why his “space-ship” is just as dinky as George Jetson’s. He only intended to go high enough to deceive believers that he went into space so that he can say that the earth still looks flat from that pathetic position; knowing that if he really wanted to prove that point, he’d have to shoot his load more than sixty times higher than he even wants to.
So why build a rocket? He’d be better off buying a weather balloon and parachuting from that like Felix Baumgartner did–in a space suit. But Hughes isn’t gonna do that, because that’s too real, because he knows he WOULD see the curvature of the earth then. So would his webcam, since he promised to live-stream it. We’d all know. We’d all see that he sees what would prove him wrong, and he already knows that’s exactly what we’d all see.
Thus his rocket stunt was deliberately literally destined to fail. Since it would still have failed even if had launched, then why risk his life in the attempt? Just make it look like a working rocket and pretend it broke down. Then your fellow wanna-believers can praise your seeming sincerity, that you don’t really have for the attempt you never really intended to make.
I started doing a series of video hangouts–just for the fun of it, out of morbid curiosity–trying to reason with people who hold what I consider to be irrational beliefs. For whatever reason, flat earthers do not want to talk to me, and Mike Hughes is no different. I was assured that he wouldn’t know who I am. So I found a contact and invited him to a chat. The response was “I want a thousand dollars for my time”. So I responded saying “Yeah, I want a thousand dollars an hour too, but if I’m gonna try and reason with someone who holds irrational beliefs, I’m certainly not going to pay them to be irrational”.
So that discussion won’t be happening on my channel. Seems Mr “I don’t believe in science” doesn’t believe in himself too much either. He obviously doesn’t really want to test his faith and risk his belief in a disk that he already knows is really a sphere.

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