May 19, 2024

Lookie there, I’m in the newspaper

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There was at least one reporter at the Texas Freethought Convention.  I didn’t talk to her much.  She was in one of the pubs on Austin’s 6th St chatting it up with Darryl Ray, Zachary Moore, and the like.   So when a photographer showed up last week saying he needed portraits for that story Anna was doing, I had to say, “OK, remind me, who’s Anna?”

I just wanna make a couple corrections to her comments -purely out of my own vanity.  (1) I have 12,000 more subscribers than the article says I do.

(2) I don’t look like a roadie for a terrifying metal band; I look like the band.  It’s my bros who look like roadies.  Well, most of them anyway.   😉

(3) My bolo tie isn’t a scarab beetle; it’s a trilobite.  My necklace (above) is a trilobite too, but I find that takes too long to explain to most people.

15 thoughts on “Lookie there, I’m in the newspaper

    1. You make me think more of Glenn Danzig mellowed out and aged. Which is rather terrifying, when you think about it. Not looking like Danzig, but Danzig getting old or mellowing out.

  1. But when Moore asked the moderator at the time, a Morning News editorialist named Rod Dreher, to put a secular thinker on the panel, Dreher demurred.

    Rod Dreher! A familiar name. When Stephen Hawking was sick and seemed about to die a year or so ago, he wrote an article questioning whether Hawking would merit an obituary in his newspaper.

    He is also regularly featured on Alicublog to the merriment of its readers. Dreher is a piece of work and a possible candidate for “Stupidest human being alive”.

  2. Trilobites are much more awesome than scarabs, I must say. I remember seeing a Mad magazine (or something like it) parody of Star Trek where it had the Klingon foreheads drawn as a trilobite.

    1. Nah, Al is a big ass Texan who has a complete disregard for religion, and gets off on wearing head to toe black leather in sweltering 100+ degree temperatures…Oh wait…never mind.

  3. You’re in my Inbox as well – I have just encountered an interesting SPAM/phishing campaign where e-mails from various Yahoo accounts appear to be from AronRa, with personal salutation, and appear to be pointing to interesting articles on topics of interest to atheists. Cunning and specific – wonder what the goal is?

    BTW If there is an option to allow login for comment using Google (like on PZ’s blog) it would be good to enable it.

  4. Surely the blog title suggests Aron Ra’s rock star persona. Has anybody ever seen Aron Ra and Lemmy in the same room at the same time?

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