July 18, 2024

How Perry ran Texas

If you don’t live in Texas, then you’ve no idea what we’re up against here, but a good introduction to that is this list of

Top 10 Things Texas Governor Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Him.

Curiously, this list does not include some of the things Texans most often criticize him for.  For example, last year, he forced through legislation effectively rendering abortions impossible for the majority of women in this state. This brought a riotous crowd of over a thousand protesters in the halls of the capitol.  Previously, In 2011, he cut billions of dollars from the budget for education, thus firing thousands of teachers.  This brought over 10,000 protesters, and my wife and I were among them.  His principle opposition  in both of these instances was State Senator Wendy Davis.

On the day Perry signed his anti-abortion bill, he also signed the execution orders of a woman who was his 500th victim on death row.  The article mentions how Perry allowed a man to be executed who was already exonerated, but it doesn’t mention how Perry had executed more than twice as many prisoners than the next most lethal state.   The article also doesn’t mention how he shot a coyote while jogging, because he jogs with a Ruger .380 strapped to his arm!

Governor Perry also promoted his presidential campaign on his his hatred of homosexuals -as well as his issues against women’s rights and anything that might be of help to the poor.  But he hasn’t just attacked them, he’s also against the environment.  Perry appointees stored toxic waste dangerously close to a communal aquifer which provides drinking water for seven states,  Perry himself is also famous for his unwitting admission that he takes bribes, a fact that was already well-established by documentation.  That is apparently why he deregulated chemical plants that wouldn’t pass federal inspection, and then two of them exploded in suburban neighborhoods.  This is the man who thought that the most appropriate way to deal with record drought was to hold a prayer rally!  That rally failed by the way.  What a surprise.  Yet this article doesn’t mention that either.

This article should also mention that Rick Perry repeatedly positioned unqualified young-earth creationists on the state’s board of education specifically to undermine education in science, health, and social studies.  Thus our SBoE has repeatedly embarrassed the state on an international scale.  Perry also famously bragged that Texas teaches creationism in our public schools, and there are several public schools that do -under the guise of ‘religious studies’, which teach the Bible as literal fact.

So the next time someone asks why I wear high boots like Han Solo, this is why; because we’re in deep shit here.

21 thoughts on “How Perry ran Texas

  1. So the next time someone asks why I wear high boots like Han Solo

    Do you shoot first?

    Perry has lowered taxes for corporations and the super-wealthy and in turn they’ve given him lots of money both for his campaigns and for him personally. As long as he keeps the oil companies happy (he’s the guy who called the BP oil spill an “act of god”) he can get away with pretty much anything.

  2. not to mention cutting funding for volunteer fire departments which most communities in Texas rely on and then the state burned in 2011 while the ill-equipped fire fighters did the best they could.

  3. Well he is what the majority want as they elected him.

    So now you know the intellectual level of the majority of Texans.

    1. you sir are exactly correct…. this is the head waters of the issue in texass and other southern and Midwestern states, there are many people that think this is the best path for their state and in fact our nation.

      this should scare us all, but most of all it should get us off our asses and to the voting booths !! there are by far more of us that understand the implications of this kind of mindset and the high cost of inaction(remember our last prez from texass and what the effects were/are?)….. so please do not become complacent… get out and VOTE !! its the only voice you really have that they fear…. that’s clear, just look at how hard they are working to take that voice from so many of us.

    2. Except it’s not a majority. We have ~13.6 million registered voters in Texas. That’s not *eligible* voters, mind, because the GOP has made it plenty hard to turn eligible voters into registered voters, that’s the number of people actually registered and ready to cast a ballot.

      When Perry was elected, 2.7 million people voted for him. That’s just under 20% of eligible voters voting for him. His challenger, Bill White, got 2.1 million votes for ~15% of the vote. That leaves 65% of the registered people non-voting.

      There were around 5 million registered Texas Women that didn’t vote. That’s more non-voting women than people of either gender that DID cast a vote.

      Texas is *not* a Red State. We’re a non-voting state, because the GOP has taken steps to ensure fractured opposition, and we Democrats have allowed it to happen. This campaign season, we are starting to change that. Democrats are unifying across the state, getting on the same page, and organizing better than we have in decades.

      1. this is great to hear… I argue with friends that think civil disobedience/protest is the way to change things, I contest that in fact getting out the vote is the way things will begin to change for the good.

        it blew my mind when I read that more people voted for that dumbazz TV show American idol then voted in our presidential election. I know we are voting for the better of two evils, but one is far less evil then the other.

    1. Well, the article does say

      Perry appointees stored toxic waste dangerously close to a communal aquifer which provides drinking water for seven states


      Maybe he’s identified some sort of toxic waste that influences people to vote against their own best interests?

  4. The article also doesn’t mention how he shot a coyote while jogging, because he jogs with a Ruger .380 strapped to his arm!

    Perhaps Perry thought the coyote looked at him with a liberal bias.

    Or maybe he’s yet another elected sociopath. Why, Texas, why?!

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    1. did someone say something like “if you don’t live in texass then you have no clue what we are up against” ? I take issue with that, being from Florida I know exactly what we are ALL up against…. our governor is actually a free range roaming criminal and should be behind bars instead of in office. yet our dumbazz voters here give him the keys to the castle…..

      as stated if we get folks to the polls, if we are allowed to register them and make sure they have their “papers please” ID’s in order, we just might change the path this nation is on….

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      1. I think hes reading the comment number thinking its a rating of some sort…. question #9 followed by reply #9.1…. this one will be reply #9.2……. either that or clearly its the devil taunting us for badmouthing texass…. 🙂

        1. Nah, I’m sure he realized it was just the comment number. They just shouldn’t be sliding like that. Some weird glitch in the site’s code.

          I think what might have happened is that Aron or Lilandra deleted the comment that that one was in response to, which turned it into a free-floater. *shrug*

          1. yes.. the span the lawyer posted is gone… my reply to him was the one about chasing ambulances… hope this helps solve the dilemma…. but then again it could always be satan ya know lol….

          2. And here Aron had promised that he had a deal struck with Satan, so Satan wouldn’t be bothering this blog again.

  7. Consider that 75% of home schooled kids are taught Creationism and about 80% of Americans believe in angels… you get the government you deserve, up to a point. Once government is the complete tool of the rich, you have a tyranny, and I hope Americans realize taxation with out representation is Tyranny any ANY such government deserves to be removed

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