May 19, 2024

Houston demonstration against creationism, 1st weekend in August

Update: Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, (who was featured in the movie, The Revisionaries) will join the rest of us at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Sunday August 4th for Answers In Science.

It’s a seminar to counter the claims of creationism being made by Ken Ham of answersingenesis to the Texas Homeschool Coalition on the same weekend. Ham still does not acknowledge the debate he retreated from, (mentioned in the preceding blog post) but he has warned his own conference about a ‘handful’ of protesters who may be outside the Hotel where he will be speaking.

courtesynoticeHouston Atheists will be there out on the curb this Saturday August 3rd in a peaceful demonstration promoting actual factual science over the dogmatic propagandizing going on inside. Appropriately silly costumes might be fun and are encouraged, but be sure to bring ice chests, water, shades, headware, etc. and especially SIGNS!

Here are some examples that were already made for this event. We don’t want to attack religion in general, nor homeschooling either, (we will explain why on Sunday) but our signs should criticize the wholly dishonest pseudoscience that creationism is. So what will your sign be?

14 thoughts on “Houston demonstration against creationism, 1st weekend in August

  1. I am thinking about driving from San Antonio on Saturday morning to attend with signs that say “Mythology is Not Science”, “Science is Not a Dirty Word”, and “Don’t Handicap Your Homeschooler”.


  2. Maybe another (admittedly wordy) one that says: “You Have the Right to Teach Your Kids Fiction as Fact, But Why Would You?”

  3. I’ll be there, even though it’s up in the Wealthy People’s Republic of The Woodlands, a socialist utopia for rich people. It’s a seriously weird township, and I don’t know why it still operates under a township charter when it is much bigger than a lot of cities. It’s an eerie place with uniform signage and screens of trees rendering most of its businesses invisible.

    And expect the SMCP redcoats on horseback. I assure you they will be there.

  4. Let me take a quick stab:

    “Creationism is Wrong”

    “Ken Ham is Wrong”

    “Would Jesus Lie to Children?”

    “Your Children Deserve Better”

    “Science is God Given”

  5. OK. We’re still overlooking the obvious.

    Someone MUST go in there and call him out during Q&A. Otherwise, he’ll claim victory in the debate, from which he chickened out.

  6. “Avoid speaking with the protesters”

    I would have thought that once he’s armed his followers with all the latest ‘problems’ with evolution he’d be encouraging them to go out and embarass the evilutionists.

    It’s almost as though he thinks his claims are only convincing if they go unchallenged.

    1. When one challenges their beliefs…bam. You’re gone.

      For example, I and another guy posted on the facebook page for the “Answers Mega Conference”, and well, this is the result.

  7. Traffic notice for anyone coming from or through NW Houston:

    290 Eastbound (Inbound) is closed all weekend at Beltway 8. So avoid the area if at all possible.

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