July 14, 2024

Consider the Atheist

On May 5th, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court contradicted the Constitution, discarding both clauses of the 1st Amendment. Previously Congress could make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor limiting the free exercise thereof. This ruling not only establishes a state religion, but it also forces non-Christians to bow their head to the Christian god as a requirement of doing government business.

This week, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court also overturned earlier rulings, such that the state may now force non-Christian students to recite the pledge of allegiance, including the phrase ‘under God’. This phrase was added to the pledge decades later, in 1957. As if it was not already bad to force someone to swear an allegiance, (which I will never do again) but the state can now also force non-believers to acknowledge an imaginary being as if they believe it is real.

Thus the state has established a religion, and at that moment they’re already violating human rights with it. There can be no freedom OF religion without freedom FROM religion, and the US has just proved that -again.This, for me was the end of America. My country has been increasingly sick all my life, but it has now finally died.

In recognition of this travesty, I want to share the words of Madelyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, who warned us against this very eventuality. She saw it coming, and she tracked its stepped better than any single presentation I know of. Her speech needs to be heard by a larger audience.

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How could it be that any Supreme Court justice could be so ignorant of history and so blinded by religion that these decisions were not unanimously of the opposite opinion?

What we must do now is follow the course of Ireland and England and the Scandinavian countries -where there is no separation of Church & State, but where the atrocities of religious rule have ruled themselves out, to the point that the populace has ruled religion out. These are, for the most part, effectively atheist countries now. This is what happens when religion is forced onto the populace; the people naturally eventually rebel against all forms of tyranny. And our foolish courts have just unbarred the gate and opened the doors to welcome in our new overlord.

12 thoughts on “Consider the Atheist

  1. Mass has always been a state where religion has some strong pulls. From the notorious blue laws to the present situation. And most of the people living there will have no real problems with the ruling.

  2. You must admit that you’ll laugh as they start fighting over the minutiae. Anyone living in Baptist territory up to go and recite the rosary in you local government meeting?

  3. If this was made law in my country I still wouldn’t do it I will not swear to god or on a bible or recite our national anthem because it used the word god ; I don’t believe in god and it would be hippo critical for me to say I did. I would rather swear on the phone book or go to jail if those were my only choices – and forcing people to support a religion that they don’t believe in is a violation of human rights – America may as well be islamic now.

    1. Don’t need it to be islamic, the xtians have a LLLonggg history of religious bigotry-hate-oppression.

      They know how to be just as big a bunch of Aholes as any other group. All you need to do is look at the middle ages and the nazis (who were TOTALLY xtian). They are trying really hard to turn this place into a fascist theocratic country.

      1. You don’t even need to go all the way back to the Middle Ages. Look at the Russian Orthodox Church today. Or the Evangelicals…

  4. Wheres our representation? We back every tom dick and harry in their quest for what is right, yet nobody dare stand next to us heathens. The damn left handed fish scalers have lobbyists and representation, yet we can’t? We are 20% of this nation and we are going to stand by playing pocket pool while we watch it go to shit?? Delusional activist judges need to be impeached now !! Heres a question for them before they hear a case…. “are you religious or do you have any religious affiliation? If the answer is yes, there is a clear conflict of interest and they must request themselves… facts and our constitution apperantly mean nothing to this court… this is why voting is so important… VOTE DAMN IT !!!

  5. My country has been increasingly sick all my life, but it has now finally died.

    I agree with most of what is written but that last bit seems a bit melodramatic.

  6. The Constitution has a deep bug that has never been addressed: There is no check on the Supreme Court. In effect, the Constitution says what the Court says it says. True, there is the theoretical possibility of impeachment, but that is a political impossibility. Apparently, the Founders never imagined that a majority of the Supreme Court would deliberately set out to subvert the Constitution.

  7. Did anyone listen to Madelyn? She’s got every argument that would have buried that Supreme Court decision.

    This is the first I’ve ever heard her, and I do believe I’m in love.

    “One hundred and eighty pounds on the hoof” and damn, I love that woman.

    Although she is insisting I get off my ass and do something…

    Tell me again why people hated Madelyn? Because she insisted they get off their asses and do something?

  8. Given the establishment of Congressional Chaplains in both houses of the US Congress back in 1793, the precedent was set long ago.

  9. I believe you’ve found the activist judges everyone was so dead set against.

  10. I just read the decision, and I still do not understand how any reasonable person can say that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion […]” is compatible with “Congress may have sectarian religious ceremonies in important public government meetings.”

    Asshats, all of them. Not a single good juror on SCOTUS.

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