April 14, 2024

Another Religious Witch Hunt

I’ve often said that whenever religion has had rule over law, the result has always been an automatic violation of human rights. This is why I’m an advocate for secular governance. Because all the news I hear from theocratic regions is just this stupid and sometimes worse.


This is another example of a literal witch hunt and what humanist organizations are doing about that. It is inexcusable that grown-ups anywhere in the world should believe in demons, devils, and evil spirits. This is another reason my wife Lilandra posted that we should donate to the Foundation Beyond Belief. Do it today -on Giving Tuesday. If you give through #HumanistsCare until they meet their $20,000 goal, your donation will be matched until the January 15th deadline. Also, my Ra-Men Co-host Mark Nebo’s Be Secular Organization is having an auction to benefit FBB. The proceeds will go through #HumanistsCare, so you get a cool vacation like being an Astronaut for a Day and you get twice as much on your donation to FBB.

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