February 2, 2023

Month: October 2015


The Religious Wrong

Last week, we were supposed to have fallen victim of John Hagee’s four blood moons tetrad prophesy. That didn’t happen, but Hagee made a fat sum of money on his book scaring his megachurch following into the end times, and no one will hold him accountable for being wrong. Harold Camping’s failed end-of-the-world prophesy in […]

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Texas now has a spot for the Baphomet statue

Now that Oklahomans have worked out that state sponsored religious monuments on their capitol grounds means allowing the Satanic Temple a piece of capitol real estate too; the Ten Commandments were quietly removed from state grounds yesterday. On the plus side no one was hurt, but on the minus side its supporters are being sore […]

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America Have You Had Enough Mass Shootings?

Had enough mass shootings to support better gun laws? President Obama sure has. “A visibly frustrated President Obama offered condolences to the victims of the mass shooting at an Oregon college on Thursday, but he added that “our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” and voters should demand changes to the nation’s gun laws.” No America hasn’t shown the will […]

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